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13. The Dude and the Dude Way (Wu Wei)

Updated: Jan 16

Image by Zach Betten

I thought I'd follow up on yesterday's post (No 12.) to illustrate how non-doing can get things done.



Yesterday, I was giving examples of how I kept to the stillness even in times when everything seemed to be in chaos.  During writing that blog I was thinking about some things: 


  • I was hungry and hadn't had time to make something for myself. I had made pizzas for the boys.  Well, my son came over shortly after with two pieces of pizza that he couldn't finish, and this was enough for me to not need anything more.


  • I felt sure that the girls would arrive home feeling hungry having not eaten, but I was wrong, they had grabbed a snack and didn't need more.


  • I made a soup anyway, and it took less than 5 minutes to prepare.

"This highlights the fact that our thoughts and feelings aren't always right."


Okay, so without wanting to bore you with my situation, I wanted to highlight the following; I was hungry, I hadn't had the time to make something for myself, and I had put others first, and while my mind filled with frustrations, life provided me with just enough food for me to not need more.


I had thought to myself and had felt certain that the girls would not have eaten on the road, (as had often happened previously) and I could also feel resentment growing here, but this time they had. 

This highlights the fact that our thoughts and feelings aren't always right, and perhaps we shouldn't listen to them with the trust we might normally have.


While my mind and body were filling with the feeling of how life can be a bummer, I chose to let that go and focus instead on stillness. 

And things took care of themselves, in ways that I hadn't imagined. 

And this is magic. 

Life magic. 

In Dudeism, this is called the Dude Way. 

The Magic of the Dude Way

The Dude Way is based on the Chinese philosophy of Wu Wei, which means both without doing and without being. 

It refers to a belief (a Daoist one), that life is simply doing its own thing as an expression of Creation, and if we don't interfere with that because of frustrations, lack of trust, or the feeling that our own needs are not being met, (or any type of tampering with events), then it can manifest itself freely with the power of nature (Creation) behind it.


Without going into the ins and outs of Wu Wei, The Dude Way, is simply to be aware that our thoughts and feelings might be pointing us in the wrong direction. 

We cannot know about everything that is unfolding around us, so our thoughts and feelings are centered on partial information. 

We therefore don't need to act on them, or have trust in them, we can simply watch life sort itself out.


And this helps the Dude to abide.

"When we don't follow the Dude Way, we mess up."

The Dude Way & Abiding

If we have confidence that life just does fine and dandy without our constant need to poke a finger into the mix, then it is easier to abide by whatever is occurring right now.

We understand that this is a part of the creative flow of energy that is partway through its expression, and whatever that manifestation becomes, is alright.  Life will just sort itself out.


The Dude Way is a powerful way.  The Dude doesn't think, "Well, if I abide by this, it will all turn out alright for me", because the Dude has seen through the "me" as a lie. 

He has seen through the ego and knows that its needs are not worth troubling himself over.  She knows that the universe doesn't have her at the center of life and isn't conspiring to help or oppose her.  She knows that it doesn't even know she exists.

The Universe is the Dude, & the Dude is the Universe

The universe is the Dude appearing as the Dude.  This means that we are Existence existing as us.  There is no separation.


We are not a part of the flow, we are the flow itself.  And whenever has the universe needed the hand of man to help it along?  When in the last ten billion years did it fail because mankind wasn't there to help it through? 

When did the forest need a chainsaw?  When did humans need the milk from a cow?  When did the oceans need to be cleaned up?


When we don't follow the Dude Way, we mess up.


And this is how the Dude appears to get things done without doing much.  Because she doesn't mess up.


Thanks for reading my fellow Dudeists.

Rev. Thomo.


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