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18. The Dude Doing Some Kind of Yoga

Updated: Jan 16

If you haven't read The Abide Guide (Living Like Lebowski) yet, then you won't have come across its "Some Kind of Yoga" chapter. 

In the above picture, we see the Dude doing some kind of Tai Chi while holding a White Russian cocktail in one hand and leveling out some major lines of chill on his Persian rug.


This is at the part of the movie, where the Dude has taken a nice Persian rug from the millionaire Lebowski after his rug was pissed on by a thug. If you aren't familiar with the film you can read a little about it in my first blog here.


The Dude has kinda got his own thing going on here.


And when it comes to yoga, it's seriously badass when it comes to laying down some deep angles of recline.  But Dudeists do yoga a little differently.


Oliver Benjamin aka the Dudely Lama, and his arch-dudeship, Dwayne Eutsey who wrote The Abide Guide give some examples of Dudeist yoga.  Here's a couple to whet your appetite. 

"An experienced Dude yogi will have several asanas in his or her toolkit."

Toilet Seat Asana

They say "The toilet is one of the finest places upon which we can take refuge from the world."  It's not only about letting go of physical shit but also mental shit.  And then when that happens, some new shit is likely to come to light.  Awesome.


Take it Easy Chair Asana

One of my faves.  Wherever you normally sit, you should consider your position as a yoga asana, as a sacred method where casualness runs deep.  The authors suggest that you watch The Big Lebowski movie to observe the Dude in different states of reclining, to find inspiration for new positions to try.  


An experienced Dude yogi will have several asanas in his or her toolkit that suit different types of chairs in various situations such as; while eating pizza and watching a movie, while relaxing with a beer at the bar, and so on.


The Gold Medal Relaxer

If you are an expert in chill you might be interested to know of a fun product I have created; a printed yoga mat in the style of the Dude's Persian Rug (pictured below), to create your own sacred space of heavenly coolness.

Click the image to go to the product on

So, folks, what's the take-home here apart from a conspicuous way to sell a yoga mat? 

For me, it means the following: you can have fun bringing peace into your life, you don't have to be a yoga Adonis or Aphrodite to practise, and you don't need to take it all too seriously.

Have fun. 

The next time you sit down, treat it like an asana, and breathe into it, stretch a little, find a new position, and see which you can relax into.  Nice.  You can make it your own.  The same goes for Tai Chi and so on.  Stick a beer in your hand and create the flow with the other.


Is that some kind of Eastern thing?

Rev. Thomo.


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