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19. In Dude We Trust

Updated: Jan 16

One thing that I like about Dudeism is it isn't selling this "other shore" shit that often comes with Zen, you know?  Like you've gotta get to somewhere you're not already. 

Dudeism draws a line in the sand and says "Just here, man, just where you are."

We just dig what we are doing.  Dudeism says, "Fuck it, man, let's go bowling."  Let's take that hill. You start jamming, free-flowing, having fun, digging a new riff.

And you know what this does?

It makes you open to whatever shit is going down in the moment.  And that means you are less uptight.

We aren't staring into space thinking, I shouldn't be thinking here, man.

Or sat facing a wall with shaved heads wondering what all this is about.  They're obviously not golfers, dude.

Ikkyu (an ex-Zen priest who left the temple following enlightenment) said, "That Buddha statue deserves all the bird shit it gets."  He chose to spend his time frequenting the bars and brothels of the area and thought the shaven ones were not that calm.   They were quite tense about what they should and shouldn't do and how they must appear.

Shoulds and musts again. [see my post The Dude & Tense Thinking...]

Which reminds me.  Have you ever noticed those bib things (Rakusu) that Zen monks have around their chests?  Let me see if I can dig out a photo.

image of a Zen monk wearing traditional Rakusu

Do you know what this is?  At some point in Zen's history, the monks were suppressed by some dog-breath emperor who forbade them to wear priestly robes and as a show of revolt, they cut off the top of it and kept that, so it looked like a bib.

But that's holding on to something, dudes.

It's still holding on to shit. And it's affected by shit, by some seriously bad vibes. So, this reaction is rather undude.

How can you teach non-attachment while not being able to let go of your bib? Or your priestly robes for that matter?

Hey, but it sounds like I'm trying to slam Zen, and I'm not. 

I'm just saying that in religion, there are too many people teaching about something that's beyond where you are, and who you are right now.  They teach that you must do something, must make an effort, and should keep to this commandment or precept. Like who you are isn't enough.

Should and must again. Their mistake.

When you're told to just let that shit go, chill the fuck out, and breathe out the bullshit, it all gets kinda funky, and the heavenly flow of grooviness says "Just dig it kiddo".  And that's the cosmos, dude-ing its thang.

Dude, you are the Divine presence. You are His spliff-rolling holiness, gently blowing mellow smoke ring vortices for all us sinners.

In Dude we trust.


See you further on up the trail Dudes.

Rev. Thomo.


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