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26. The Dude, Wealth, and Abiding

I have come to the realisation that I am never going to be a millionaire.  Some might view that as a self-limiting attitude but...

that's just how it appears to be.  I have put things into place that could easily bring in lots of money, but they don't.  And these days, a millionaire isn't much anyway. 


"I've always known that I am rich, just not financially."

Just how it is, man. Abide!

I remember a Taoist story.  I think it was in Chuang Tsu, the second Taoist classic.  I won't blather on about it, but a guy was asking his teacher why he had the wisdom of the Tao, and yet another guy he knew, who was quite a fool was rich beyond measure.


The answer came, that this was his Tao.  The Tao has made the other guy rich, and it has made you wise.


And you know what? 

I've always known that I am rich, just not financially. 

It seems to me that life gives me enough money to get by, but never enough to do what I want, like fix the chimney, turn the attic into a bedroom, and replace my girlfriend's car with a newer one.


I can't ever see myself being a millionaire.


And that brings some relief, which is what I'm writing about here...


I don't need to work my nuts off trying to get money.

Underachieving Is Alright - You Might Be Achieving Anyway

Life has given me a great patchwork family, put me in a wonderful little cottage by a forest, and given me a sexy girlfriend.


And here is my wealth. 

Big fields of meadow flowers.  Wild animals I would rarely, if ever, see in England.  Beautiful meandering rivers, and vast open lakes.  Quieter roads.  Little violence.  Virtually no aggression (other than from authorities sometimes).  Great schools.  A good place for my kids to get an education.


That's the wealth that has been given to me. 

Chuang Tsu would say, this is my Tao. 

I could slog away in front of my laptop fighting to get rich, or I can abide, and live the wealth that has been handed to me on a plate.

Wu Wei/Dude Way


And not slogging my nads off brings about an ease. 

I don't have to make so much effort.  I don't need to work so hard.  I can cut back on some customers, and earn a little less but enjoy my family, the countryside, and swimming in lakes, and hopefully, if my mounting straps arrive in the post (they appear to have gone missing), I will buy a kayak next week and start cruising the open waters here.

If, like me, you are a digital nomad, staring at a bright laptop screen for more hours than you'd care, you need to enjoy your wealth (and know how it comes to you).  


But Like, What's the Point?


So, the take-home here, is to see what you have in your life that is your "wealth" and to make the most of it.  Your richness might be a small apartment and you love to chill with your special lady, or get cosy with your dude on a weekend and watch a movie.  You might like walking your dog in the forest, or horseback riding.  You may love to play with your kids.

Whatever it is, take a look at what you've got around you, what life has given you, and get into your element...


Work to live, not live to work.


Whatever is your richness, put yourself in the center of it.  You might be a millionaire, or a billionaire, and that's great, but is your real wealth money, and material things?  Is your real wealth having some control over your time, or are you impoverished in this way?  If you wish you had more time to play with the kids or spend time in nature, can you reduce your work commitments a little so you can enjoy your life?

And does your wealth come to you easily and simply or is it a ball ache?


Food for thought.


Rev. Thomo


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