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28. The Dude and Integrity

Updated: Feb 1

Image by 652234

I got thinking about the Dude and integrity.  There's something real about the Dude.  You're not going to get skanked or gypped by them.

The Dude's character comes from something deep.  It has compassion and honesty about it, and there's little sense of a self-ego trip going on.

You can have your wealth and your education.  You can have your manners and complicated speech, but it doesn't mean anything.  It's a lie.  The Dude's integrity is the same despite what he or she might earn.  The Dude is coming from a different place.

Look at the above image.  "I sit here for weed and beer."

And no doubt people are giving this guy some disrespect, as well as those who are admiring honesty and giving him a euro or two.  It's not a "Hey mister, have you 50 pence for a cup of tea?" when you know it's going to go towards fags and ale. 

I never cared what they spent it on.  If I gave them a fiver, I'd say have a beer on me.

We can think integrity is about good manners, well-meaning, suit-wearing, clean-shaven appearances.

But the Dude is the Dude. 

These things don't matter. 

If they are about effort, then the Dude knows it doesn't go.  A Dude's good manners come from simplistic honesty and compassion.  His or her suit isn't trying to create a false façade.

The Dude isn't morally corrupt.  Preferring to sit on the sidewalk for a simple beer or some weed.  Showing the busy world there's another way. 

It kinda stands out, doesn't it? 

Like an oasis in a desert.  A lone purveyor of taking it easy.  This a reminder to all of us over-achieving sinners that we can step back, be with life, and need less.


This affects all of us, man.

Rev. Thomo


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