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3. The Non-achiever

Updated: Jan 16

The Dude isn't interested in accomplishing things, so what floats his or her boat?

The Dude isn't seeking respect, or power, or even knowledge.  Instead, he or she, understands that the constant need to achieve is driven by a person's disconnection with a deeper wisdom... 

The Way of the Modern Day Dude

The way of the modern day Dude, is the antithesis to much of our contemporary living; over-consumption, the need to impress others, the unending striving to become better, and how humanity often puts doing over simple being

Why does the Dude prefer simplicity over complexity? 

Why does the Dude choose silence over speech, and tranquillity over busyness? 

When most of us are easily bored with quietude and doing nothing, the Dude seems to find beauty in it, and be far from spiritless but rather it seems to fill him or her. 

The Dude understands how intellectual knowledge can corrupt a peaceful heart, and knows that our continuous striving highlights an unease with how things already are.  We want some of this but don't want some of that. We need more of that and less of this.

Rarely are we at peace. 

"While being aware of the rat race, the Dude tries to steer away from it..."

Being at Peace with the Moment

While there are busy people rushing passed trees to get somewhere, the Dude prefers to sit beneath one, happily sipping tea and enjoying the fragrance of flowers. 

The Dude is aware of the world rushing by, sees the shadow of vehicles racing from one place to the next, notices people tweeting on their mobile phones, but prefers to stay in nature listening to birdsong. 

While being aware of the rat race, the Dude tries to steer away from it, not wishing to compete, or to throw him or herself into the latest project, often dictated by someone else. 

This busy life we seem to have created for ourselves leads to contention.  It brings about dis-ease and resistance.  The Dude feels that such living brings us farther apart rather than closer together. 

Achieving Nothing Yet Having Everything

Relaxing in the shade, sitting among flowers, and listening to birdsong, the Dude is happy, content with the richness of life that is already present, and freely available to us all. 

Yet, the Dude also understands that the opportunity to be free, to have time to simply sit beneath a tree, is becoming increasingly rare.  Not only the time to do it is disappearing, but also the want to do it. 

The Dude cherishes these moments.  He or she, is bemused by the hectic pace of mankind.  Somehow, the Dude sits outside of humanity, watching it with a bewildered gaze, like a wild animal confused by our noise and destruction. 

The Dude also knows that much of this chaos has at its root the fear of failure, and in the next blog post, we will look at why the Dude doesn't have the same fears, and how this helps to let go of the tension held by those in the middle of it.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read.

Rev. Thomo.


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