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33. The Dude is the Root for All Us Sinners

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

The Dude is deeply rooted in calm... he or she, no longer answers to the mind that clouds their true nature.


Having seen through the lie of the separate self, and knowing that the demands of that self are nothing but shadows of a much richer reality, the Dude no longer answers to the mind that clouds their true nature.


In this true nature is an intuitive wisdom.  One that quietly speaks to us but mostly goes unheard under the noise of life. The Dude is internally still.  His mind silenced from its busy chatter.  Her attention coming from deep upwells of tranquillity.  Having seen through to the original being, the Dude is like a light to us all.

The Anointed One

In Christianity, the word Messiah means one who is anointed with oil.  It refers to ancient lamp lighters, who would ignite oil lamps to light the way for travelers.  In British mythology, the Taliesin, meaning radiant brow, is one whose sense of being and clear presence lights the way for those in the spiritual dark. 


The Dude's qualities of calm, taking it easy, and simply abiding with life in an effortless way, with a mind that has no intention at the heart of it, he or she, is a guide for us.  The Dude is the Root, and we are like leaves blown this way and that by thoughts and emotions.


The Rascal Sitting Beneath Branches

The Dude is completely spontaneous.  Having an empty mind, he or she responds in a wild untamed way that can appear unruly and unexpected.  One moment in peace, another fully vibrant and active.  Yet this mind is governed by a natural law, which for those in control, can appear quite troublesome. 


The Root (the Dude who is centered in the One) and the leaves (regular people) are not different.  There is no gap between the two, for they are not two, they are one.  Only a sense of being distanced from something elusive appears to separate the Dude from the dude. 

Acting through the original being, we recognise in the Dude, the qualities of the Eternal.  They are reflected to us and illumined before us.


"Just by being, the Dude speaks without speaking."

For All Us Sinners

Essentially without care and acting without consideration of the outcome, the Dude presents a free, less-cultivated side of our humanity.  She reminds us of our inner knowing.  He invokes in us our primitive spirit.  Just by being, the Dude speaks without speaking.


And as people unaware of their original being, we capture moments of feeling Rooted, of noticing a timeless spark of energy that lies within.


And the Dude passes by us, wandering through the forest of life, like a silhouette from our distant ancestors.  Moving slowly, without direction, without hope, and without need.  And in that moment we might recognise something untouched by the hand of humanity.  Something that cannot be explained but only experienced.


In the next blog post, we will begin to look at the ways of uncovering this part of us and seeing the Truth of what is observing the show of Life, the very thing that makes us a Dude.


Until then.

Rev. Thomo


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