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36. The Dude Functioning Alone or Not? We Finally Get to the Answer of What Makes a Dude, a Dude

Updated: Jan 19

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So, what the hell do I mean by is the Dude functioning alone?

When we consider the word "function" we usually connect that to a sense of purpose.  There's a relationship between what is being done and a reason for doing it.

But does life need a reason?

Many people will probably think so.  Normally, when the shit hits the fan and some bad crap comes to light, we say things like "Well, there really must be a reason for this", and "Although it's tough, I'm learning from it.  It's part of my path and I'm evolving through it."

And if you are experiencing some seriously heavy frequencies and your life isn't full of groovy goodness, then creating meaning from it can certainly help you through it.

And I don't want to pull the sacred rug of support from under your feet.  It's just that there is a deeper dance going on, and you might not even notice that your feet are already moving to its tune.

Put Your Left Toe In, Your Left Toe Out, and Shake It All About... But This Is Not 'Nam Dude. This is Bowling and There Are Rules

Yeah, we're bowling.   Does there need to be a reason to bowl?  Or can bowling just happen?  Must we attach meaning to what we do, and if so, why?  Who is this appealing to?

When you're rolling that ball how does it feel?  Is there a sense of purpose at the heart of it?  Or are you simply enjoying some strikes?  Are you consumed by all the good and bad shit that's jiving through your life right now, or are you simply throwing that ball, man?

Is your body, in the moment of rolling that strike simply an alive awareness?  And does the holy act of bowling help clear our minds and lay bare the presence of Divine grace before us?

What's happening?  Can you answer that without labelling something?  "I am bowling," or "I just hit the gutter, man" and "gotta beat the Jesus."

Is the ball a ball?  We've given it the name "ball" but what is it?  Can you look at the bowling alley using only your eyes and not your mind?  Can the image of this sacred place enter your consciousness without adding a name or meaning to it?  Can it just be?

And can you apply the same to yourself?

Your eyes are open.  Just looking.  Seeing things around you.  All those things that you have given names.  What happens when the labels are dropped?  What is the ball before we called it a ball?

Does the ball know it is a ball?  Does the bird call itself a bird?  Does it stand on a tree and name it a tree?  Or are these things simply present?

If mankind was not here, would life stop?  Would the universe end its sacred song because no one is present to hear it?  Or is the whole of life buzzing with its cosmic energy?  Aware but not consciously aware of its awareness.

Karma? At Least I'm Housebroken

At the start of this post I asked does life need a reason

If we are adding purpose to life then this is something extra to it.  If we are to get to the Truth it must be something that is relevant to all things and at all times.  What is the purpose of the bird?  What is the reason for the tree that it stands on?  Aren't things just settled with life as it is without a need to think deeper than that?

Could it be that our thinking has taken us away from a simple beautiful truth; there is no reason.  There is no need for a purpose. 

As the Reverend Buddha once said, "The true Dude has ended his karma and stepped off the wheel of cause and effect."

And as you are hopefully beginning to see, the difference between a dude and The Dude, is a simple matter of realisation.  On reflection, we must also come to know that this new understanding changes nothing because the outer reality of our world is still the same.  Only our thinking and our experience of what we are has altered.

The Dude has awakened to the fact that he or she is an expression of a single Totality.  And this One Totality is manifesting everywhere differently, yet is itself.  And everything will be alright because the Totality is just doing its thing as it always has.  And you and I are part of its flow, yet we are the same Totality, just appearing differently.

Let me say it again.  The difference between a dude and The Dude, is a simple matter of realisation.

Once the lie of the individual self has been seen through as a fantasy, a vague dream no different than a fictional character like Gandalf, then all of the things that have been sticking to this sense of self no longer have anything to stick to.

They will still appear.  Anger might come.  Love might come.  Hate may arise.  Frustration could appear.  But now, you see that there is no self for them to belong to.  They are just arising.  And then they disappear back into stillness.

And this is The Dude.  Knowing all is the One Totality and then forgetting it.  Letting even that go.  Returning to the bowling alley the same as he ever did.  Talking to her compeers as she always did.  Yet now, seeing life as something just wiggling its way through the flow, and that our labeling of it all is an extra, a superimposing of meaning in a meaningless world.

And that lack of meaning might seem frightening, yet it is truly liberating.  And the Dude, free from the fears of the personal self, looks with open eyes, and drinks a beer, knowing that Life keeps on living this "me" whether we see through it or not.

Without a need to be something, there is lightness.  Without the desire to achieve something, there is an ease to life.  By seeing through the idea of a self as a sham, all the effort associated with maintaining that self is realised as being rather tiring.  It's all a joke, and the Dude has seen through it. 

Is the Dude Functioning Alone?

The Dude looks to the dark empty space between the stars and sees himself.  The Dude looks into the eyes of her friends and sees the same Self.  The stars, the birds, the trees, the good people, the bad people, the worriers, the don't-give-a-shit-ers, all the same single Totality.  Alone, yet without a thought of being alone.  

Good is the Totality.  Bad is the Totality.  Strikes and gutters are the same Totality.  

Appearing as togetherness.  Seeming as connectedness.  Until we realise there is only the One.  Then we let that go.  And that's when we begin to live.  That's when the magic occurs because there's nothing getting in the way of the totality of manifestation.  The Dude simply looks with eyes filled with wonder.  Speechless.  Nameless.  Walking aimlessly through life.

And Dudes, I am now going to turn to more practical themes.  Real-life situations through my own experiences, and how I put all this together in the jigsaw puzzle of life's strikes and gutters.

The next post will be about the Dude and patchwork families.

Thanks for being here in the cosmic dance hall.

Let's do the hucklebuck.  If you don't know how to do it then you're out of luck.

Rev. Thomo


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