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38. The Dude Living Each Day As It Comes

When it comes down to it, not many of us are living one day to the next without an eye on tomorrow. Yet the Dude does...

There's something about the Dude that is centered in the now without even being aware of it. Like, there's not a thought of it.  Just kinda drifting.


And for the square community, an aimless boho is difficult to understand.


And for the rest of us trying to fit Dudeism into our everyday life, the Dude might be something that inspires us, yet is still quite elusive.


Interestingly, in The Big Lebowski movie, the Dude doesn't have a special lady friend, not until Maud gets her hands on him.  And relationships can struggle to live one day to the next.  The moment an argument arises, it easily slips into the past and brings up anxieties about the future.


So, how do we deal with that when we cannot take any specific relationship pointers from the movie?


Or can we?


Aimless Wandering

A person who isn't locked into a sense of time is likely to be confused by someone who is.  Like when the Dude in The Big Lebowski movie is confronted by the views of the millionaire [Jeffrey] Lebowski (who had "Achiever of the Year" printed on his office door glass) there's a sense of bemusement as the two can't seem to understand one another.


El Duderino is a little bewildered at the uptight opinion that Jeffrey has about the need to have a job and to present yourself in a certain way, while the millionaire is perplexed by how the Dude can be so lazy and disinterested in the core values of "normal" society.


You cannot expect much in reply from a Dude.  This person is wandering aimlessly through life, yet somehow, life is caring for them just fine.  He or she knows this and is likely quite content.  Their happy ease is in stark contrast to the overbearing tension that many of us are guilty of.  And the two don't easily come together.


If your partner is constantly bringing up your bad moments from the past to make a point that seems relevant now, well, as a Dude it won't make sense to you.  Why bother looking at the past when nothing can be done about it?  Why worry about the future when nothing much can be done about that?


Well, we can learn from our past.  That might be the answer.  Meaning, that we can gain something from our past mistakes to somehow transform into a better person by mastering our weaknesses.  But better according to who?  And doesn't it sound like reading a book?  Does it sound like natural life?  Not to me.


Who the hell said we have to evolve?  That sounds very tiring.

Do You Want Simplicity or Complexity?

The Dude, being aimless, is on a completely different path than one who is seeking spiritual evolution or being a better member of society.


Here, the Dude is just sitting.  Drinking a beverage.  Taking it easy for all us sinners.  There's not a thought that resists having nothing to do.  The Dude doesn't need to live life because the Dude is life living through him, or her.  


The beauty of Dudeism is its simplicity. Once a religion gets too complex, everything can go wrong.


The beauty of the Dude is their simplicity.  Once life gets too complex, everything can go wrong.


The Dude doesn't care about things going wrong.  It doesn't enter his head.  If something wrong happens at the moment, well, she'll deal with it as it arises.


That's kinda simple, huh?


The Dude is living each day as it comes.  But if you stopped and asked them if that is what they are doing, they would probably need to think about it.


Now, I'm off to watch the birds in the trees.


Have a good day all.


Rev. Thomo


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