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41. Dudes, is the Body Running, or the Mind Running?

image by Stocksnap

Running. Like, you cannot stop. Can't drop the pace. Always in a race... this is for you.

In my YouTube feed this morning I caught sight of one of Thich Nhat Hanh's videos (he's called Thay to his students) and I used to be one. I already forgot the name of it but it was about meditation and how the body needs to meditate as well as the mind.


And it had these nice nature video clips while Thay was talking.

You see these monks and nuns walking around with their hands in prayer position. And you see people meditating and stuff, and then...

A clip might go to an animal. And the animals have got it. Boom.

If you look at them, even if they seem active, if you look at their eyes, they are not thinking.

They kinda have a blankness about them but that has incredible depth. Their mind is still.

And you turn to mankind "meditating" but you can see thinking. Not always but mostly.

You can see it in people walking around. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

And this morning, I was guilty of it too.

My To-Dude List Looked a Little Busy


Leaving the shower I was thinking, sure, I want to spend the morning stopping. I want to do nothing for a bit, knowing that my afternoon will get a bit busy.

And by the time I'd got dressed, I was thinking, okay, I will do that after I've worked on a few accounts. Oh, and isn't now a good time to clear leaves from the gutters?

Clear out the gutters? Sure, but not those of the house, those in the mind.

How did I get like this?

How did I get so that I was running?

"There's something going on there, right?"


Faster than Usain Bolt


The mind is pretty dinged up.

With life, it's clearly out of its element.

It's like the world's fastest man Usain Bolt, but instead of stopping at 100m, it keeps on running all day. Tiring the body out.

Shit, I'd better check those roof tiles that blew off the other day. The wind is up.

Shut the fuck up, Donny.


Look at the girl in the main picture.

Look at her eyes and her face. Is she thinking something? Can you see it? There's something going on there, right?

And running with an iPod or whatnot.

Do we need to always be plugged in? Is that stopping?

The body is running and the mind is running.

Now look at the cat...

image by Claudia Wollesen

Look at its eyes. Are they lost in thought? Is there anything troubled in the deep black of their pupils?

Is it plugged into something other than the moment?

Is it thinking about checking the fucking roof tiles?

No. Nothing is fucked here. The rent is fully paid.

Fuck it, Dude.

I'm stepping over the line into blathering.

I can't stop if I'm typing.

I'm sure you can join up the dots.

Finishing my coffee.



Rev. Thomo


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