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44. Being a Dude Goes Beyond Language

Road Workers are Dudes, man...

If I could live my life again, I would want to be one of those guys who holds the stop/go sign at a roadworks.

Twiddle it one way and then another.

Rock n Roll, dudes.

I always give these boys the thumbs up when I roll passed in my 10-litre V8 Fiat Panda.

But you know, it's gotta be done right?

You can't just do a Fonz thumbs up. Remember him?

Henry Winkler as The Fonz, click image for a majestic "Ayyyyyyyy"

It's gotta be like you really can only just be arsed but you're doing it to show solidarity and respect for these upstanding citizens, helping their fellow motorists whatever the weather.

And what you get back is usually the same - a barely noticeable nod, a slight thumbs up, or a raising of the hands in a way that doesn't take too much effort, or bend the wrist too far.

Dudes, man.

You either feel it or you don't.

There isn't too much giving but just enough.

I was cruising down some forest road the other day, and there were five or six of these roadworkers having a chat, one holding the sign giving me some nice green "go" vibes. A slight thumbs up from the steering wheel - barely visible to the untrained eye but all these boys acknowledged it with a slight movement of their hands.

It's a language without words, my friends.

But dudes, it's vital. If you sail passed without acknowledging your country's finest, then you are like a squarehead, man. You need to take a fucking deep breath and remember what you are, a Dudeist! Natural, and on it.

And do you know the truck driver wave?

It's like a fucking salute, man.

A full arm, full hand investment.

And with that amount of effort, only goodness can come from it.

So, even if you've been waiting for a shit-load of minutes, and want to send these boys a round of V's as you pass by, think again dudes. As you sit in your car wishing you weren't going to be late, or knowing you're wasting precious moments of your life in a jam, fuck it dudes, turn on the radio, find some mellowness, stare at some clouds.

Life's forced you to stop. Don't resist it. Welcome it. Salute it. Move on.

Rev. Thomo


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