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45. Introducing Victor Earhart - A Legend

Victor Earhart doing his thing. RIP brother. Click Image to check out Sector9 Skateboards

“The first seven years of my life were wasted. Then I discovered skateboarding – and my life has been downhill ever since." - Victor Earhart.

The son of my ex wanted to learn skateboarding. I had never skateboarded but had spent many a year cruising out some lines on a snowboard. So, I got him a skateboard and bought myself a longboard to go around with him at the park.

While he didn't take to it, I ended up loving it and could be found dodging stones on some of the nearby forest roads.

Being an old boy, I ended up discovering Victor Earhart from Sector9 Skateboards on YouTube (some links below). A wizened magician speeding down some twisty San Diego routes.

His mantra was to not take life too seriously, "you're not going to get out alive."

He loved to ride - longboards and motorbikes.

What killed him? A Toyota Prius of all things. It pulled out on him as he was on his bike.

You never know what's gonna get you, or when.

You can be tear-arsing down the hills on a plank of wood with four small wheels living life on the edge but no, it's a normal day cruising on a bike coming head-to-head with an eco-car that sends you into oblivion.

Ride it, dudes.

Ride life.

Have some fun. Ease back on the tension. Let your kids be chipper and don't fill them with your expectations. Show them how to recline in a sea of tension. Be the Dude through how you are not what you do, unless what you do comes from how you are.

Victor Earhart sent out mellow vibes to skateboarding youngsters and oldsters alike.

Peace man.

Here are some links showing you what this dude did best:

Victor at Sector9

Victor Slaying some Downhill

With a Side of Victor (a 20 min doc with a hot chick in it)

Until next time.

Rev. Thomo


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