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47. The Wonder of Mediocrity

Updated: Apr 13

What I did today - you won't believe it. (not me, social media bullshitters)

Spend a few minutes on YouTube or TikTok and you will soon see people desperately vying for your attention. Usually with some bullshit clickbait...

"My morning routine..." with some young girl with her arse half out on the thumbnail to get clicks.

"My gym workout..." some self-obsessed 19-year-old dressed in lycra getting offended if anyone steps into shot, or happens to glance at them.

"Me then, Me now..." you guessed it - we didn't give a fuck before or after.

What Are We Becoming?

So, we have Jake Paul challenging Mike Tyson to a fight. Come on, WTF? Iron Mike is up for it. The 58-year-old is training like an ox, but what's it all about? Money. Nope. Maybe for Mike. It's about views, dude.

We need people to view us.

I remember a time when to have a follower meant you needed to call the cops.

They're all shouting - look at me, look at me. Fuck off.

Does this sound lame?

Are we turning into a society of entitled narcissists? Shouting out how extraordinary we are.

What about being mediocre?

Sounds like I've got a beef but when you've found a laidback way you notice how loud the world can be. And it doesn't look to be quietening down.

To be exceptional, to stand out from the crowd... be mediocre. Achievers won't approve but as most real achievers can't be bothered with social media shit, who's real here?

Sounds like I'm judging. I probably am. I don't know what I'm doing tbh. I don't actually care much what they do as long as they aren't shouting in my direction but I guess that's it. I can't look at a screen without some of this shit accosting my eyes.

It feels like a scam though. They're pissing on the rug. Flaunting any shit that might get clicks, views, followers, subscribers.

There's new shit coming to light and I don't know what that will be.

I just sip at my tea, writing this stuff, erm, don't forget to click like and then subscribe.

Er, what day is it?

Rev. Thomo


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