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48. Doing... Yet Not Doing. The Dude Way in Practice

Updated: Apr 8

I don't want the energy of my life to be filled with tension...

I decided to write this Dudeist blog post to capture what is happening right now. So, obviously, I stopped all that to type this, to help my fellow brethren who might be in a similar fix.

If it ain't fixed don't break it

It's 10:38 am on a beautiful early spring morning. I was about to make a cup of tea and sit outside to take a breather but I chose to write this instead.

Everywhere I go in my house or garden there is something to do.

I can't go to a room without seeing something that needs to be done.

In the last half hour, I cleaned out the dishwasher filters. Hung a load of washing outside and put another load on. The kitchen is full of pots and pans because I can't use the dishwasher yet - sure, I plan to do it by hand, I'm not that uptight.

The bins need emptying. The sofa needs cleaning from bits of Playdoh stuck to it.

I've got to drive out with my boy to do the shopping.

Okay, you get the idea.

I could be doing these filled with tension.

And when I'm asked by someone for something, I can easily feel overloaded. Especially if it is something that they can do themselves, right?

But these moments are my life. And how I deal with that and the thoughts that I have about it are like a continuation of that energy.

I don't want the energy of my life to be filled with tension but I cannot control the things that need to be done all the time.

If your life ain't fixed then don't break it some more.

We need an approach that goes with the flow yet maintains peace.

And this is how I do it...

I enjoy the moment of hanging the clothes and if any thoughts appear, particularly about speeding up so I can finish the other stuff, I let them be. The thought appears, and now it disappears.

I grab my tea, walk passed the waste bin that is in the middle of the floor ready to be emptied. That's what I was doing when I decided to write this. But I don't let anything rush me any longer. If things don't get done at the end of the day, I'm cool with that.

I hang the clothes carefully and slower than I might. I hang the clothes like a monk, mindfully, and deliberately except I'm not thinking about mindfulness and stuff, I'm deepening my breath, feeling the wonderful sunlight on my skin and the gentle spring breeze that I have been wishing for all winter. And the funny thing is... everything still gets done.

By not thinking about it. By not giving a flying fuck whether or not there's stuff left undone. And by not rushing. I maintain a meditation. I hang the clothes in meditation. I fill the washing machine in meditation. I walk passed the kitchen trash bin in peaceful meditation. And now I stop...

Take a sip of tea. Turn to the sunlight pouring over my laptop and thank the Dude that I'm alive. Of course, I could be doing the same stuff but rushing around in a state of stress.

Even for timed appointments, I don't hurry any longer.

Care how you are, not how others judge you to be.

Care about the tiny moments of life that are your chance to live.

My mother [and her mother] used to say "Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves."

I say...

"Take care of the tiny moments, and the big ones will take care of themselves."

The Dude Way.

Sending you tiny peace vibes.

Rev. Thomo


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