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51. New Shit Has Come to Light

Updated: Apr 8

Image by Inhaltslizenz

I don't bother with the news but...

I'm here full stretched on the sofa. A beer just out of reach. And I'm wondering what's going on so I type into Google "What shit is happening in the news?" And within one click I find myself in the heavy world of CNN.

Serious, man.

No cats were rescued from trees on their news page.

But I did see this:

Classic spring storm brings blizzard conditions to the Plains and the threat of strong tornadoes to the South

I'd put a link to the article but I know you couldn't give a fuck.

But man, that's a tense headline, dudes. If I lived wherever this is right now, I'd be feeling a bit pissed, like this dog.

That's not a happy face.

He's probably looking at his owner thinking, "WTF? You're out and about with your fucking quilted jacket and boots that have never seen snow, and a Scandinavian beanie made from the chest hair of Trolls, but me, I'm still in my summer jocks." And he looks under threat there. The peril of blizzards and tornadoes. The dude's rolled out naked and no one gives a fuck. Powerful storms giving the world a pummeling and he's dressed with a pink harness and bare feet. You try walking through snow with bare feet instead of those black woollie city boots and then talk to me about chapped pads getting dinged up.

What do the experts say?

Kansas expects 2 to 8 inches of snow and whiteout blizzards while areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin already have 8 inches to a foot.

Driving conditions could be nearly impossible.

The dog wants a warm fire, good burgers, and lazying around in blankets.

We should do what dogs want to do sometimes.

Now that's fucking interesting man.

Rev. Thomo


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