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52. The Beautiful Art of Reclining

Reclining is mindfulness... but at a lazy level

Hey dudes, here's one thing that brings deep layers of slackness when days get uptight.

And I love it, man. It's a whole new art. It needs its own dojo or something because it's a thing to master.

If life could be bothered, there would be a Sifu of Looseness and books covering The Secrets of Sloth.

And the art is this...

When you sit down, don't just sit normally or you are missing The Secret. Recline in different positions or asanas. Asanas of ease.

Look at the dude below. Same sofa, same time, but naturally transitioning into a new position of accord.

The Master at work...



Breathe in calm, breathe out bullshit.

Go from partly relaxed, to fully reclined to see what works with the moment until it becomes a seamless evolution.

How many different positions of ease can you get from a single sofa or chair? It's like entering a new dimension, dudes. You won't be able to look at a place of rest without renewed interest. Sofa buying will become a much deeper practice than hey man, sure, the colours look neat, and yes, it's kinda supportive.


You must enter the phase of sofa buying by bringing six or seven of your favourite positions to the event.

Can the proposed couch take you to new levels of slouch?

I propose that this craft becomes a central focus for all full-time dudes out there.

So help me, Dude. Amen.

Rev. Thomo


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