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59. When Shit Goes Fast, Slow Down

Updated: Jun 11

...the universe can go fuck itself...

So, here I am again with life trying to throw busy shit at me. Here's my today fwiw, and I'm going to tell you how I deal with it.

I worked from 7 am until 13:30. Not much I hear you all say, and when I used to work 70 hours a week, I would agree but...

It's my boy's 8th birthday tomorrow. If you haven't been following my ramblings, his mother left a few years ago, so he gets two birthdays. One was on Sunday with her and tomorrow will be with me. Okay.

For his last birthday, his mother's partner bought him a trampoline, which they failed to secure to the ground. As they were moving away, it blew apart and got wrecked in the forest. So, I said i would get another one. And they can be quite fuckers to assemble on your own.

We had one before and her children would sit in the same spot on the trampoline arguing with each other that they wanted to jump where the other one wanted to jump. And this would go on and on, elbowing each other but neither moving. Both screaming and neither jumping. So, I didn't want one at this place but now they are not here and my little girl also likes to bounce around, I bought one.

First, I needed to cut the knee-high grass down but for a month now it has been raining. So, as soon as some sun came out everyone was out with their mowers. In this country (Austria) you cannot use powertools on a Sunday. I have no problem with that but it squeezes things to a Saturday or when I'm not working.

So, yesterday, I cut most of it back and just have the grass to clear. Then I have a trampoline to build which I was hoping to get done for his birthday. There is also a new garden table and bench which came just before the snows last year and needs to be put up. I bought him a drum kit which I have just collected from the post office, and needs assembly. I have presents to wrap. I also got some for my daughter as she doesn't yet understand that presents are only for the person whose birthday it is.

I have clothes to wash and hang, his bedroom to clean, the British HMRC tax people to call, to discuss a dormant company I have, I'm due to get my daughter "now" for three or four hours, and my girlfriend wants to see me tonight.

And I was driving along thinking I'd like to be sitting in that field of flowers chilling out but all this shit to do isn't giving me a chance, and I thought fuck it. I'm going to slow down deliberately. I'm not rushing my life into oblivion for the sake of others. The universe can go fuck itself. If it needs something done, well it can find someone else to stress over it. So, I slowed from 50 to 30 and took my time.

And yes, no doubt you've been thinking, why aren't I doing these things instead of sitting here typing this crap? Because my friends, that's what I wanted to do.

There you go. The take-home? If you feel pinned back because of having too much shit to do, and too many people finding you too friggin useful, then pull back. Go slower. Do the opposite of answering the stress and rushing around. Break the cycle. Wash those pots like a chilled-out monk. Play with your kids like nothing else matters. Drive the car like you've got all day.

Kick back. Sing a song. Do fuck all. And fuck 'em.

Right, off to get my daughter now.

Love and peace, dudes.

Rev. Thomo


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