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62. Your Body is on a Leash, Pulled by Your Mind you know it, what are you going to do? Nothing, here's why...

Back in Blog Post 51 "New Shit has Come to Light" we looked at the dog in the above picture. It was from a CNN story about bad storms coming to America.

And I asked, what is on the end of your lead?

This post shows that no matter what you think you have at the end of your lead, it can only be one thing. Yourself.

And yourself isn't real. So, what the friggin' hell is going on here, dudes?

I'm out of my element, right?

Firstly, unless you are being tortured, are chronically ill (and even then...), are working/exercising too hard, your body isn't in resistance to whatever is going on. Your mind is.

Let me give an example...

It's 10:00 pm and you're feeling tired. Instead of going to bed, you recline on the sofa and stare at your phone for three hours, scrolling through a shedload of shit content while the mind is switching off.

But the body needed sleep. Tiredness is its way of asking. But the mind said no. So, it grabbed the phone, snacks, beer, and slumped onto the sofa, and shone blue light in the body's eyes for three hours.

Then when it came time to sleep, the body couldn't because of all the light in its eyes telling it that it was daylight and not night.

Confusion Reigns (or does it?)

Then you have to get up early for work, or the kids, or whatever, and you get five hours sleep instead of seven. And you wake up tired. And the body is speaking to you, asking for rest. But the mind ignores it because life is busy. You go to work, you clean the house, you get the kids ready for school. You'll rest tonight, promise. But tonight comes, and you're so tired that you slump on the sofa and watch shit on the internet.

The body is the dog. And the mind is the fucked-up owner that thinks it is in charge. But the body is in charge, and will eventually have its say. You'll be tying the pink leash of shiteness around its body, saying come for walkies, then it turns around and snaps at you. And you wonder wtf, I'm only taking you for a walk you ungrateful shit. Or, darling, is something wrong with you?

Too right there is.

So, what did I mean by doing nothing?

Only the mind thinks of doing something. It is the "doing" of the "something" that is fucking everything up. Instead of listening to the body and its intelligence, we got pissed off at its whining getting in the way of living life large.

But you know, it's not the mind that's pulling the chain here. It is Self-Belief. And we are going to look at that lovely topic in the next post.

Unleash the beast, dudes.

Rev. Thomo


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