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63. I'm 22, with No Life, No Path, No Hopes, & No Skills...

Tattoo this onto your forehead...

The above title came up in my YouTube feed this morning. I took a glance to see a young, attractive, Scandanavian-looking girl saying things like:

"I'm completely lost in life. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I've been feeling really hopeless about it. I have no career plans, no career prospects, or life prospects, I guess [laughs]. I mean, I don't even have any friends."

Since this video was posted two weeks ago, she has posted eight videos about cooking. So, I hope that she will begin to feel better. The videos with any reference to loss or depression got the most views. So, if she wants a lot of views you can see the angle that is going to get played. Good luck tho.

This post isn't about her, it's about you.

Can you see in the above quote how the sense of self is making statements it believes are true? Let's pick one of them... "I have no idea what I want to do."

I have no idea what I want to do, or?

She clearly had an idea that she wanted to begin a cooking channel. She mentions it at the end of the original video above. But this is about you because most of us are doing this...

"I" have no idea what "I" want to do.

What "I" is saying this?

Seriously. If we look at this at a granular level we see: something within the girl is dissatisfied with having no idea. It feels that it should have an idea. It should know what it should do.

That's a lot of shoulds.

Can you sense resistance here?

Can you see that something isn't happy with whatever life has delivered up? In this case, a sense of aimlessness.

What we call the ego is a very subtle thing. It's not a dude driving around in a Ferrari blasting out loud music to try and get attention. Well, that is it at an extreme level, though this could be tied to survival and reproduction and is therefore part of the body's intelligence, like a bird fluffing out its feathers to attract a mate.

The self discussed here is way more sophisticated and easily slips under the radar. It dresses itself in lots of shoulds and coulds. It judges itself, compares itself to others, watches social media videos, and thinks it should be having that kind of fun, but instead, it's dinged up in the kitchen with no direction.

And I hear some of the dudes saying, fucking A man, that's my life, but that's also bliss. Having no direction, nothing to do, and the Dude's mind is at ease with this. There is no resistance because the Dude doesn't need direction, shoulds, coulds, and must-dos.

The mind is not in resistance.

And the root of anxiety leads to the blossoming of action that is tainted by anxiety.

What's wrong with Walter, dude?

Only the mind is recognising a situation. It has no career prospects. And?

The mind isn't at ease with this. It has anxiety about the future. It cannot see a way out. So, it begins to worry. It must find a way out. It must begin something. And the root of anxiety leads to the blossoming of action that is tainted by anxiety.

This is not the Way of the Dude.

The Dude doesn't have a mind that's getting bent out of shape because of a perceived future. The Dude has seen through the noise of the mind and all its worries and doesn't react to it. Isn't in resistance with what is. And isn't trying to force a way out because the Dude knows that there isn't anything there trying, and there isn't anything there to break out of.

There's just life living itself.

The animal of your body doesn't understand careers. It doesn't know what money is, or the lack of it. It can't wrap its head around this shit when it wants to be sat beneath trees making daisy chains.

The Dude has found silence of mind. And through that silence, a knowing arises. And this Knowing is the root of real direction. It overlooks the moaning, groaning, worrying, self-obsessed mind, and comes from a place of no-self. And what expresses itself from the Dude isn't tainted by emotional, over-thinking crap. It isn't corrupted by self. It is pure.

Despite what the mind might think, nothing's fucked here, dudes.

If life has dished up a bunch of slack space for you to lounge around in without aim - enjoy it while it lasts.

If life has delivered a stack of shit that keeps you busy, enjoy the silent mind that is not in resistance to it... while it lasts.

Creation is in a state of constant change. But creation is part of the Changeless, and it is this that guides the Dude through its quiet power.

Love and peace, dudes.

Rev. Thomo


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