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56. Dudeism and Bucket Lists

A Bucket List - things you must do before you die

Another To-do list, dudes. That's why I'm bringing it up.

A Bucket List is a bunch of stuff you wish to do before you die [or kick the bucket].

And I'm not saying anything against Bucket Lists but I'm giving you a warning.

Here are some examples of things to put on a Bucket List from

There are posts on social media where people say how many they have done from an example Bucket List, and those that haven't done any might feel like shit.

You know what? This type of Bucket List is a pile of crap. It's the ego again. Yes, but dude, it's just having fun. People want to do these things before they die, right?

Yes, I get it BUT...

...Following on from my previous post, all the above stuff like jumping off a cliff, and kite surfing, they are fooling people into thinking this is making you feel alive. Maybe. But not if you don't do simple stuff first.

What do I mean by simple stuff?

Watching clouds drift by, swimming naked in a lake, dancing under moonlight, gazing silently into a wood fire, do the stuff your two-year-old self would like.

I don't mean stop having beers and sex. I mean, that living LIFE is in the little stuff.

It's listening to birdsong rather than holding a shark (see above list).

It's to sit among flowers rather than dog sledding.

Do you see? Holding a shark, jumping off a cliff, dog sledding, it's all DOING. And DOING has kept you from BEING. And BEING is LIFE.

If you want to make a Bucket List then fill it with BEING.

And if you spend your life BEING, then go jump off a cliff, but with a rope or something right? Who jumps off cliffs and expects to live? How many 70-year-olds want to base jump? I see it now, Hey Gladys my hip is giving me some pain since wrestling with that shark.

Let's make it more simple

The mind wants DOING

The body wants BEING

It's your call, dudes.

Rev. Thomo


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