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53. Money, Money, Money, Dude, Dude, Dude

Take a look at the cheque/check...

69 cents for a carton of half-and-half.

A blue whale check and a Ralph's value club card.

Enter the Dude in the opening scene of The Big Lebowski movie complete with bathing robe, sunglasses, and flip-flops.

The above image tells you a lot about the Dude.

The guy doesn't carry much cash. He has a special edition picture of a whale on his checkbook which must be meaningful to him (later we see him listening to whale songs), and has a value card from the local store.

At 69 cents the Dude isn't cranking up the bonus points.

In The Abide Guide, the Rev. Joshua Max writes about Dude Economics that:

Dudeists may stress about a few life challenges, but money isn't one of them

I have to admire the Dude for this.

I'm pretty skint [without funds]. I'm doing my best to reduce my spending so that I can stay on top of stuff. I don't have a mortgage or rent, I don't have finance on my car but geez the tax and social insurance here is a squeeze.

I'm in the lap of luxury, eating Nutella on toast for breakfast. Wearing clothes I bought ten years ago and not buying any takeaways Dudes.

Okay, don't cry. I'm not drowning and I wouldn't say I'm hugely stressed about it but you know it's like you've stripped off for a dip in life's pool but you can't overlook the thick black cloud on the horizon. And it's giving me headache, man. Being on a knife edge.

What did the Dude do after getting home with his drink and then having his head shoved down the toiled for money he didn't owe?

He went bowling.

He went fucking bowling.

Good on yer.

Fuck the bills.

Fuck these red letters with their shitty added interest.

Fuck the SMS messages reminding you to pay the sky-high internet fees.

And go bowling.

Sure, there's no bowling around here but I'm going to go crazy and have another Nutella on toast and watch a few scenes from The Big Lebowski film.

Over and out.

Rev. Thomo


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