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46. 5am Club. Productivity Tips. No Dudes, No!

Updated: Apr 8

I didn't want a career in sales but...

We don't have to look too far to find messages from people who "know" how we should be motivated to do stuff, how we can be our best version of ourselves, how to always be on our A-game, selling the virtues of the 5am club etc - yawn.

Give 110%.

Sounds tiring.

My background is in sales. I didn't want a career selling but you know, I left school not knowing what I wanted to do and it was all that was on offer. It took me a long time to get out of it.

You work your nuts off to be your best, beat your targets, and hopefully get a promotion and what happens? They raise your target next year and reduce your sales area. No joke. Targets would increase every year. Sales areas would change every 2 or 3 years.

Tips for Solopreneurs to be More Productive (tone it down, dude).

This is something an ex-client is saying. He's trying to become the next business guru. Fair enough but I hate this kind of stuff. It pushes people to burnout. They lap it up like happy dogs.

And you know, how do you keep the balance?

If you are up at 5.00 am to do more, pushing yourself for success and squeezing more productivity, how do you balance life with your kids, your partner, and caring for yourself?

And what if you don't succeed? What if you aren't one of those lucky bastards on YouTube showing you how they make $1M big ones every month?

Dudeism is a kickback to all this.

Do less.

Turn the sound down a bit. Lower the brightness.

Striving to be great is unlikely to lead to happiness. It sets expectations that we then fight to maintain... don't do worse than last year, grow the business, expand, achieve, achieve, achieve. Got to show the kids what hard work can do.

What bullshit.

The kids would rather see you like the cat at the top of the page - chilled out, taking it easy, enjoying some sun, stretching out your toes, spending a lazy day pootling around.

Does the cat look stressed, tired out, and annoyed at life? Nope.

Sure it's a cat, it has no bills to pay, no mortgage, no job to do, no food to buy. Yes, look at what life has served up to mankind? I mean really! What are we doing?

Don't mug yourself dudes. Fight the urge to get a loan for a shiny version of your current car unless you are already living like the cat.

Take one step at a time. Then have a nap. Breathe in life. It's the only one you've got.


Rev. Thomo


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